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Pingxiang Best Insulator Group Co., Ltd. is located in Pingxiang Anyuan Industrial Park, the hometown of porcelain insulator in China with beautiful environment and rich mineral resources. Founded in 2007 with a registered capital of 23 million USD, the company focuses on power grid construction and development and is the world's leading manufacturer of power transmission and transformation insulators.It has been one of the top five insulator enterprises recognized by insulator and lightning arrester branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association for five consecutive years.


Since its establishment 11 years ago, the company has been an innovator of insulator technology in power grid construction and one of the largest insulator production and research bases in China, mainly producing suspension insulators, high-low voltage pin insulators, post insulators, tension insulators, porcelain stay instulators and other products.In 2017, the company had sales revenue of 5.2 billion USD, tax revenue of 3 million USD, and more than 400 employees. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational Health and safety management certification, China Electric Power Enterprise Federation 300kN and the following disk-type suspension insulator product identification report.


At the same time, the company has won the honorary titles of AAA contract-abiding and creditable unit, A-level taxpayer, Major Contribution Award of tax payment, Famous trademark of Jiangxi Province, second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangxi Province, science and technology innovative enterprise, Mayor quality Award, Pingxiang Top ten Private Enterprises and so on.


Technological Innovation Leads the Development of Enterprises


To do a good job, a good tool must be used first. At present, BEST has two of the world's most advanced production lines of tunnel kiln fired by oxidizing flame. In these busy production lines, 20 or 30 craftsmanship procedures are repeated every day. The products are made by mud making, molding, drying, glazing, firing and finished product inspection, among which finished product inspection is the core representative procedure that can best reflect the high level of production.


The company has obtained 3 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 2 design patents, jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology key new product technical appraisal certificate and the State Science and Technology Commission certificate of scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the r & D center independently designed is capable of r & D and detection of insulators of 1000kV and below, which greatly improves the company's ability of independent innovation. The R & D center is rated as the Engineering Technology Center of Insulator Enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

In the past two years, the company has invested more than 12 million USD in large-scale technical transformation, and built two tunnel kilns with 100 meters and oxidizing flame. The production cycle has been reduced from the original 15 days to the present 7 days, thus the efficiency has been doubled. The unit cost of firing has dropped from 850 yuan/ton to 450 yuan/ton, saving 3 million cubic meters of natural gas per year.


Improve Management and Strengthen Team Building


While focusing on process improvement, BEST constantly pursues excellence in organizational structure optimization and management promotion. In September 2017, the company introduced the world's most advanced management mode, "Amoeba" management philosophy and management system founded by Japanese management father Kazuo Inamori. The core idea of "Amoeba" management philosophy, the biggest difference from general management is that every manager is the boss, and every manager is the operator, which greatly strengthens the sense of belonging and responsibility of enterprise employees. At present, BEST team is not only a team with excellent skills, but also a team with excellent ideological style and a highly cohesive team.


Expand the Market, Accelerate the International Layout


With the leading technology, excellent quality, good reputation, humanized service, BEST got customers throughout  domestic market as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, New Zealand and other international markets.


Embrace responsibility with passion to take responsibility and fulfill social responsibilities


Over the years, the company has worked with relevant government departments, research institutes and industry experts to research and actively participate in the research and formulation of industry technical standards and industrial policies. BEST always remember, enterprise is for the people, return to the society, to develop employee welfare system with grateful feelings, reward excellent employees, help employees in need, hold staff training regularly, improve the comprehensive quality of employees. A special fund has been set up for public welfare undertakings. BEST left the footprints of dedication in the 2008 snow disaster, Ya 'an earthquake, Lushan earthquake and other donation activities.


The Pursuit of Excellence Achievement Brand Dream


Under the leadership of the management department, the development of Best entered new era. BEST colleagues will continue to provide the best service for customers, the best products dedicated to customers, contribute to the society! Our ideal is to make BEST a worldwide brand within five years and stride forward towards the goal of being the first in the country and the third in the world.