No. Year Month Events Remark
1 2019 Jul
  • Was rated as excellent Party branch

2 2019


Participated in the eighth skill competition and won 3 first prizes, 2 third prizes and 1 fourth prize.  
3 2018 Oct
  • Completed the equity acquisition of Jiangsu Tianfeng Electric Co., LTD.

4 2018 Oct Participated in the 7th Skill competition of "Zhenxing Cup" in Pingxiang City, and won 4 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 2 fourth prizes. The unit with the largest number of winners has firmly established the "craftsman spirit" and consciousness of its employees.
5 2018 Oct
  • Rated as "The most beautiful poverty-relief loving enterprise in 2017" in Pingxiang City.

6 2018 Sep Won the Dutch KEMA gold medal experiment report. There are 3 participants, Dalian Insulator Group Co., Ltd, Suzhou Porcelain Insulator Works Co., Ltd, Pingxiang Best Insulator Group Co., Ltd
7 2018 Sep The site scrap ceremony of 42 tons of products was held, and more than 10,000 unqualified products were scrapped on site, with a loss of nearly 2 million yuan. Set up the concept of quality first for all staff, laid a solid foundation to the national third goal.
8 2018 Jul
  • Successfully organized and implemented the "first" skill competition within the company.

Start advocate craftsman spirit, changed employees' work spirit and idea.
9 2018 Jun Complete the internal shareholding structure adjustment of the company and establish the "Best" group company. Consisted by "Baixin", "Xinyuan" and "Best".
10 2018 Jun
  • Organize the implementation of "production, technology, quality assurance" process standard implementation activities.

To ensure the smooth implementation and implementation of the company's various technological standards, ensure the stability of the process, ensure the stability of product quality.
11 2018 Mar
  • Passed and obtained the supply qualification of state Grid 330KV-750kV.

The only in Pingxiang.
12 2018 Feb In 2017, it was rated as the top taxpayer of more than 10 million RMB in Anyuan District.
  • The largest taxpayer of private enterprises in Anyuan District

13 2018 Feb Elected as the "Jiangxi Electrical porcelain Chamber of Commerce in the fourth council executive Vice President unit."  
14 2018 Jan
  • Awarded as "Jiangxi Province" technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises.

15 2017 Dec
  • Realized sales revenue of 365 million yuan, tax revenue of 21 million RMB.

Pingxiang is the first electric porcelain enterprise whose sales revenue exceeds 300 million yuan, and it is also the largest taxpayer in Anyuan District.
16 2017 Sep The project management of "Amoeba" was successfully introduced to realize the transformation of all departments from functional departments to business divisions.
  • Pingxiang is the first private enterprise to introduce this management project.

17 2017 Aug
  • Pingxiang city "Mayor quality Award".

This is one of the three companies in Pingxiang city, which is a high recognition of our quality and artisan spirit.
18 2017 Jul
  • Successfully imported the integration management project.

  • Become the national ministry of industry and information Technology ping township city's first standard model enterprises.

19 2017 Jun
  • The second phase of technical transformation, the second 100 meters tunnel kiln ignition smoothly put into production.

  • One of two companies in Pingxiang city that use oxidizing flame combustion technology.

20 2016 Dec
  • Pingxiang City industrial and Commercial Federation of excellent enterprises.

21 2016 Dec
  • The registered trademark "TSBXJ" is recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangxi Province.

22 2016 Dec
  • Sales revenue exceeded 267 million yuan.

  • The registered trademark "TSBXJ" is recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangxi Province.

23 2016 Oct
  • Luxi Baixin Branch was officially launched for the foundation laying ceremony.

  • It represents the diversified development of Best group and the formation of industrial group

24 2016 Oct
  • Passed the qualification examination of China Southern Power Grid In Guangdong Province

  • Pingxiang city through the first review and qualification of electric porcelain enterprises

25 2016 Oct
  • Won the Second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangxi Province.

  • Pingxiang is the only company to receive this award.

26 2016 Jun Technology R & D center was named "Enterprise Technology Center and Testing Center of Jiangxi Province".
  • Pingxiang is the only technical center with this qualification.

27 2016 Apr Completed 25,000 square meters of new workshop, and an 8,000 square meters of old workshop renovation, the first 100 meters of oxidized flame into tunnel kiln ignition smoothly put into production.
  • One of two companies in Pingxiang city that use oxidizing flame combustion technology.

28 2016 Apr
  • Rated as "Top 10 Brand Enterprises" in Pingxiang City in 2015

29 2016 Apr
  • The second phase of Best energy conservation optimization project was officially launched.

30 2015 Dec
  • Awarded as jiangxi province special new small and medium enterprises.

31 2015 Oct
  • It was rated as one of the top ten private enterprises in 2014.

32 2015 Sep
  • Be evaluated as high and new technology enterprise, and obtain high and new technology enterprise certificate.

33 2015 Mar Awarded the honorary title of "Wuyi Female Model Post" in 2013-2014 of Pingxiang City.  
34 2014 Dec Obtained the Technical Certification of "300KN High Strength toughened Insulator" key new product of Jiangxi Province.  
35 2014 Dec Pingxiang Science and Technology Bureau "a high strength electric porcelain product and its manufacturing method" certificate of scientific and technological achievements.  
36 2014 Sep Ac suspension disk-type porcelain insulator has obtained the new product appraisal certificate of China Electricity Council.  
37 2014 Apr All the managers were punished by running 30 km on foot for the unqualified products exported from abroad, thus establishing the correct quality and values of the company. The managers of Bestor have a profound understanding of quality and set up the concept of quality first, which lays the right value for the rapid development of Bestor.
38 2013 Dec
  • The registered trademark of "BSTXJ" is recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangxi Province.

39 2013 Jun
  • Won the honorary title of "2012 Annual Inspection Exemption Enterprise".

40 2012 Jun
  • Won the honorary title of "2011 Annual Inspection Exemption Enterprise".

41 2012 Dec The registered trademark "TSBXJ" on class 17 "insulated electric porcelain" is recognized as pingxiang famous trademark.  
42 2012 Jun
  • Awarded the honorary title of exempt enterprise in 2011.

43 2012 May Pingxiang City 2010-2011 tax credit and other A taxpayer honorary title.  
44 2011 Jan
  • Obtained the CONTRACT abiding and credit AA unit in Pingxiang City in 2010.

45 2010 Jun
  • The company was exempted from inspection in 2009.

46 2009 Aug
  • Jiangxi Best electromechanical Import and Export Co., LTD was established

  • Marks the best foreign trade business into a period of rapid development

47 2008 Dec The company participated in the national ice disaster relief activities, and made every effort to ensure the smooth delivery of materials in Hunan with both quality and quantity guaranteed, which was the first shot of the Best brand in China.  
48 2008 Oct The company invested huge manpower and material resources to fully participate in wenchuan earthquake relief activities, donated more than 1 million yuan of materials. The company just established, in the enterprise's own strength is not very powerful circumstances, demonstrated the feelings of the company's leadership.
49 2007 Jul Pingxiang Best Insulator Group Co.,Ltd. was formally established.  

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